My uncle’s love for Japan

My mother’s brother (my uncle) loves Japan. My father is Japanese but my mother is originally from Thailand. My uncle primarily lives in Thailand but travels everywhere…he recently went to Moscow, Russia and decided to visit my family in Japan a month or two ago. Then he decided to visit them again in November. I asked my father..”Why does my uncle like Japan so much?” My father said, “Well, He travels everywhere..and just loves Japan. After visiting everywhere, he loves Japan.” Well, that makes sense. I understand his love for Japan as he visits my country twice a year or so. It sounds like his love for Japan became even stronger after his recent experience in Hokkaido. He was visiting Hokkaido with my parents recently. When he was getting off the train, he left a backpack. The backpack had his passport, 300,000 yen cash ($3000 USD) and understandably, he panicked as he knew it was going to be a pain in the butt to recover his lost passport and a lot of money. I don’t even know why he was carrying lots of $$..but anyways, He can’t speak Japanese but talked to a few strangers at the station, who then guided him to the information counter. Then it turned out someone had turned in his backpack to the loss and found station. He immediately open his backpack to make sure that his passport was still there..and to his surprise, his cash was untouched and nothing was missing in his backpack. I can’t say for sure that he would have recovered his backpack if he was traveling Tokyo, for example. But this story really shows the goodness of the Japanese..I think.

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