Shichi-Go-San(七五三)literally means “seven, five and three”, and it is a children’s festival which is said to have been celebrated since the Heian period in Japan. It takes place on November 15th, and parents take their children to Shinto shrines on this special day to celebrate “Shichi-go-san”.

Traditionally on November 15th, three and seven year-old girls and five year-old boys are celebrated for their continued growth and happiness at shinto shrines. This is no a national holiday, but it is still highly valued in Japanese society. Most girls wear Kimonos on this special festival and boys wears Hakaba for the first time in public. Parents usually take pictures of them, and buy “Chitose Ame”, which literally means “Thousand year candy” in English. Chitose candies are long and thin.

In modern days, it is becoming more common that children wear western style clothes (suites and dresses) for Shichi-go-san.

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