Takashi Yanase, creator of anpanman dies

anpanmanOh no..I love Anpanman. If you grow up in Japan, you must have grown up watching this popular animation series, “Anpanman”. Takashi Yanase created this very popular Japanese anime series and he died of heart failure at the age of 94. His anime “Anpanman” has given Japanese children great hope. It is really funny but the Anpanman character’s head is made of red bean paste (thus Anpan!) and it first appeared in a children’s book in 1969. It has given children a lot of hopes because in this anime, good guys always win..and Anpanman is there to help..and he let people eat his head. 🙂 While Anpanman always wins, Baikinman (virus..!) goes home and comes back.


creator of anpanman

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