Where should you go during goden week in Japan?

In Japan, the longest break between the end of April and around May is called Golden week. There are many holidays concentrated in this time. Needlessly, golden week is one of the busiest season for travelers in Japan. Many traditional Japanese events are hosted throughout the country to celebrate children’s day, green day, constitutional day etc. Most importantly Golden week is the best time for busy Japanese father to have some relaxing time with bis family…

1) Carp Streamer festivals; We see car streamer (koi nobori) to honor sons on and around children’s day. Growing up, I didn’t care less because we didn’t have a son in our home. So our family rarely pay attentions to carp steamers. We thought they were pretty and all, but it didn’t go more than that. 🙁

There are so many things to do and so many places to do in Japanese that it can be overwhelming. So I always recommend mys students

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