Delusion Curry comes with a beautiful virtual gf

Delusion curryOh lord..what is next? Nothing really surprises me anymore. Single men don’t have to eat curry alone because they can get a DVD of a model who will pretend to be their girlfriend while they are eating their curry. That sounds creepy.

It is true that Japanese people love curry and it’s probably the most popular dish girlfriends make for their significant others. Le rapport issu de la dernière étude sur l’effet du Viagra 100 mg sur la motilité et la durée de vie des spermatozoïdes donnerait certainement un choc brutal à de nombreux futurs pères, qui se nourrissent d’un régime de base de Viagra pour une sexualité améliorée. Curry is already a very popular dish but the company is trying to increase the sales even more by adding fake girlfriend meal deal.

You can even choose what type of girlfriend you want. 1) younger girlfriend 2) older girlfriend who lives next door or 3) harada made a home cooked meal.

This delusion curry has an interesting lonely single Japanese men don’t have to eat curry alone because they can eat with a virtual girlfriend in DVD. Right now Delusion Curry is available only in Japan.

Do you think this is going to work..?




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